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Color deck screenshot

Color Deck


Color Deck logoColor Deck is a HSL driven color palette collector.
A progressive web app created with JavaScript, HTML & CSS.

Color Deck was developed in-house to assist in the design and development of projects. For more info, see the GitHub repository or About page.

TCT website

Triple Crown Tavern


Website designed & developed in Summer 2018. Developed a custom solution built with only tailored HTML, Sass and JavaScript with no reliance on frameworks. Created a custom vanilla JavaScript multi-tiered dynamic menu solution. Check out the menu, CodePen or GitHub Gist.

Triple Crown Tavern is a bar located in Huntington Beach, CA.

Avant-Garde Sports Performance


Website designed and developed in Summer 2018. Built using Bulma, custom Sass and JavaScript.

Avant-Garde Sports Performance is a sports medicine provider for athletes with quality medical care and strategic sports performance services based out of New York.

Brothers Music


Website designed and developed in Winter of 2017/2018 using Bootstrap 4, custom HTML, Sass, and JavaScript.

Brothers Music is a music and record store offering vinyl, music lessons, instruments and more. They are located in the Greater Kansas City Metropolitan Area.

Zuzul & Moorhouse — Attorney's at Law


Designed and developed Fall 2017. Website created from scratch with Bootstrap 4, custom HTML, Sass, and JavaScript.

Zuzul & Moorhouse — Attorney's at Law is a law firm located in Lamar, MO.

Woody's Wharf


Created the logo and website design in Spring 2017. Website was custom built with Bootstrap 4, custom CSS, and JavaScript.

Woody's Wharf is a restaurant, bar & nightclub in Newport Beach, CA. This project was the first contract we obtained here, so a big thanks to Woody's for supporting us!

Zuzul for Judge website screenshot

Zuzul for Judge


Created the logo and website design in Spring 2018. That Summer developed the website with Bulma, custom Sass, and JavaScript. The original mockup design can be viewed here.

Joe Zuzul is running for Associate Circuit Judge in Vernon County, Missouri.

Itinerary Design

Itinerary Design

View the design

Created the itinerary design in Summer 2018. Design mockup was created using Gravit Designer.

This mockup was changed so the contractee may remain anonymous.