About the company.

We create deliberate web solutions that solve problems while being practical and appealing in both design and function.

Our sole purpose as a company is to provide web solutions that make it easy for people to navigate today's inter-connected digital realm. Our design process starts with a clean slate that allows a fresh and curated approach to complement your content. We utilize the latest and most widely used web technology and standards in our web development practices.

obscure detour was founded in 2017 by Jeffrey Summers who also acts as the Creative Intelligence Officer. He is a self-taught web developer with a background in computer hardware and software support. His drive is fueled by emerging technology and a desire to enrich the modern world. Jeffrey also has rich experiences in science and technology which helps obscure detour foster unique analytical and creative approaches towards web solutions.

obscure detour banner image - mountain with green arrow paths

obscure detour represents the path less traveled, because there is no right or wrong way. Everything is unique and therefore takes its own path.

Death Valley National Park

Learn from nature. From the mountains, across the desert and to the coast lies a gradient. No two areas the same.

Jeffrey Summers hiking in Death Valley

The founder, Jeffrey Summers hiking in Death Valley in 2013.

Seal Beach facing NW. Mid day, early afternoon.

Slow down. Can you learn anything from a sunset?

Sunset at Seal Beach sand close-up facing SW with a friendly seagull for company

Observe. Watch. Listen. Perhaps, the greatest challenge of our time is the span of our attention.

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