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web design + development

I create deliberate websites that are practical & appealing in both design & function.

Curate your own path

Web Design

Designs begin with a clean slate to allow a fresh and curated approach to complement your content.

Web Development

Your website will be readily accessible across all devices and platforms using the latest technologies in modern responsive development.

Flyers & Email

Matching flyers and emails complement your website and branding image while providing a means to keep in contact.

About me

Jeffrey Summers is obscure detour

Spanning five states, my background in computer hardware and software support exceeds a decade. In Southern California I attented CSULB where I became an environmental scientist. After a health scare and during my recovery I restablished my knowledge of HTML/CSS and sought more. And so I kept learning more about modern web technologies.

Today, my knowledge and application of HTML, CSS, and Sass is considerate. Other complementary skills in use and continuing to improve upon are design, JavaScript, SVG Animation, Wireframing & Linux administration. My front-end framework experience and proficiency is namely in, but not limited to, Bootstrap 4, Bulma, and Skel.

About Me

Jeffrey Summers is obscure detour